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Saleemah Ladhani
Enliven Bodywork & Healing Massage
Toomey St
Traveston 4570
0413 185 626
Cooran, Pomona, Cooroy, Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

The ULTIMATE in soothing, deeply releasing and rejuvenating massage that is custom designed for your needs. Over 25 yrs experience in the healing arts.

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  • Kahuna Bodywork / Sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
  • Postural Rebalancing & Positional Release
  • Remedial Massage
  • Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapy
  • Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Relaxation & Energy Balancing Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Transformational Breathwork

Offering over 25 yrs experience, I welcome and embrace you with my artistry of touch. A unique fusion of bodywork that is designed to your specific needs. Loving and skillful touch that lets your mind rest, so your body can restore and rejuvenate. Much more than just a massage, it is an exquisite healing experience!

My goal is to deliver the best session I can for your particular needs and to love and massage your body in the way you’ve always dreamed to be touched!  No two sessions are the same, as I adapt each session to suit your needs and what my hands and intuition tell me about your physical, mental and emotional condition. Every time you are different and so am I, hence the uniqueness of each experience.

You will experience a delicious feeling of relaxation as you enjoy my soothing, healing, caring touch helping you relax and connect into your body. Afterwards you will feel more balanced and connected and aware of your body on a whole new level...

**Health fund rebates available - Registered Massage Therapist, ATMS Member**

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Enliven Bodywork & Healing Therapy is the culmination of over 30 yrs study and exploration in the healing arts. I am passionate about exploring natural pathways to health and wellbeing.  Since my late teens I have been fascinated by this exquisite and elegant creation, the human being.  Through my exploration, study and work in natural healing therapies I have come to experience and understand that we all have inside of us an infinite healing intelligence and innate self-regulating and self-correcting mechanisms.

I see my role as a bodyworker and natural health therapist is to support my clients to reconnect to their own healing intelligence and to activate their self-correct reflexes so that they leave me feeling clearer, more focused, empowered, balanced and with self-care tools to improve their health and wellbeing in their daily life.

I believe our WHOLE being has the potential to vibrate with joy, love and unrestricted energy, therefore in a session I like to honour, nurture and bring loving attention to every part of you... My work is an invitation to celebrate the whole of YOU body, mind, heart & soul!


“RESET! That is the best word to describe Saleemah's massage experience. From the scenic drive in the rolling green hills, to Saleemah's warm welcome into her beautiful, comforting massage space, I already start to relax. After every session I walk out feeling supremely nurtured and renewed! Clear, focused, stress and tension gone and re-energised in the days following. Saleemah is not only warm and loving but also highly skilled in her craft, using her intuition to read my body and customise a session that is most beneficial for me on the day. No two sessions are alike. Highly recommended!”

David H, Musician & Composer

“As a massage therapist myself (and teacher of massage) I am very fussy about who I receive treatments from. The depth of Saleemah's expertise, intuition, warmth and the techniques she incorporates from a wealth of different healing modalities always guarantees a deeply healing and unforgettable experience! I cannot recommend her enough...”

Stace Callaghan, Massage & Transformational Kinesiology Therapist, Transpersonal Counsellor, Facilitator of Massage & Personal Transformation Courses

“Saleemah takes your body, mind and soul on an exquisite journey beyond words, her massage is deeply nurturing and brings you through inner turmoil into inner peace, a place where the mind can rest and the body receive. Her body therapies are transformative, being on her table is a profound experience.”

Danielle Gonsal, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Chef, Facilitator

“I have been a Kahuna devotee for a quarter of a century, and being nomadic have enjoyed sampling Kahuna's healing pleasures in
pretty much every Australian outpost where it prevails. I chose Saleemah from the lineup of Kahuna therapists available due to her extensive experience. WOW!!! One powerful woman at all relevant levels. It doesn't get much better than this.”

Jennifer Brett, Riverside Organics

“Saleemah is a remarkable person, and an exceptionally talented and intuitive practitioner. Every massage I've received by Saleemah felt amazing, so healing, loving & nurturing. A blessing and a gift. The best I've ever experienced & I've had many around the globe. I am willing to travel any distance to experience hawaiian bodywork with her. I would highly recommend Saleemah & her services to you.”

Mayling Lee

“Every fibre of my being grants you love and gratitude,
Every part of the universe is sending you Saleemah Golden Rays of Light,
I am touched by Wings of Love, I am charged by Sound Vibration,
I believe in Saleemah’s Ecstatic Healing Hands,
The World needs to know this healing is possible! From the deepest oceans of my being I thank you. The rivers of Light have washed away everything that could have been in the way – now I am flowing free.
We call all therapists to come and experience Saleemah, the most dedicated, soulful, elemental, connected bodyworker. I was Earthed to the ground by calm deep hands, then I was taken to the edges of the universe with Breath, Song and Flow. The Rhythm heartbeat touched me so deeply. I am I am I am.”

Mette Sorensen, Principal of Mette’s Institute of Hawaiian Bodywork & Personal Development

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Kahuna Massage / Sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

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