Enliven Bodywork & Healing Massage

Saleemah Ladhani
Enliven Bodywork & Healing Massage
Toomey St
Traveston 4570
0413 185 626
Cooran, Pomona, Cooroy, Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast

Over 25yrs experience, Remedial, Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Hot Stone, Myofascial Release, Relaxation & Energy Balancing, Whole Body Massage.

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    • Kahuna Bodywork / Sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi
    • Postural Rebalancing & Positional Release
    • Remedial Massage
    • Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapy
    • Deep Tissue & Myofascial Release Therapy
    • Relaxation & Energy Balancing Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
    • Transformational Breathwork

Offering over 25 yrs experience, I welcome and embrace you with my artistry of touch. I work with your body's natural healing intelligence to assist you to release deep seated tension, pain and stress in your body-mind. There is nothing for you to do except surrender and breathe in the magical touch of loving hands...

My goal is to deliver the best session I can for your particular needs and to love and massage your body in the way you’ve always dreamed to be touched!   No two sessions are the same, as I adapt each session to suit your needs and what my hands and intuition tell me about your physical, mental and emotional condition. Every time you are different and so am I, hence the uniqueness of each experience.

Touch can be a powerful healing, nurturing and transformative force – and my work is done with 100% respect, honour and love for your body. I believe when your body is massaged in a loving, respectful way, this stimulates your subtle energy channels to open, activates your body's self-correct reflexes, allows expansion and healing to take place and restores your body and mind to a state of balance, harmony and relaxation. When your whole being is balanced from within, you soar through life with purpose, focus and effortless grace!

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**Health fund rebates available - Registered Massage Therapist, ATMS Member# 13019**

60 minutes $95, 90 minutes $145, 120 minutes $180

What some of my clients are saying:

“Thank you Saleemah for a truly incredible experience once again through your care and focused attention with touch therapy. My body, mind and spirit feel lifted after receiving your bodywork. You always deliver more than any other therapist and listen to my needs. Your pressure is always delivered accurately to my areas of concerns which reassures me you are a good listener and intuitive healer. If anyone is wishing to receive what is more than any massage I recommend highly you book in. You won't be disappointed, and you will discover more of yourself through your first treatment than you knew existed. A truly Blissful Enlivening Massage experience.”

Leisa Dawn, Massage Therapist, Dancer, Yoga Instructor

“Over the last 30 years, I have been very fortunate to have massage therapy with dozens of very qualified therapists, but I have to admit that Saleemah is definitely way above the rest. She is without a doubt the best I ever had, her massages are just pure bliss. Highly recommended.”

Dom Massoni, Greenpet

“I have been a Kahuna devotee for a quarter of a century, and being nomadic have enjoyed sampling Kahuna's healing pleasures in pretty much every Australian outpost where it prevails. I chose Saleemah from the lineup of Kahuna therapists available due to her extensive experience. WOW!!! One powerful woman at all relevant levels. It doesn't get much better than this.”

Jennifer Brett, Riverside Organics

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I love to build on my skills and training, and I always take at least one new workshop each year not only to expand on my skills as a professional bodyworker, but also for my own inner healing.

  • Diploma of Oriental Medicine in Zen Shiatsu Therapy

  • Certificates in Remedial & Swedish Massage

  • Level 7 Certificate in Sacred Hawaiian Temple Style Lomi Lomi, with Mette's Institute of Bodywork

  • Mastership Certificate in Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi

  • Certificate in Lomi Lomi Haloa - Sacred Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

  • SLM Bodywork (Myofascial release bodywork)

  • Certificates in Ayurvedic & Ili Ili Hot Stone Therapy

  • Certificate in Transformational Breathwork (rebirthing)

  • Certificate in Functional Release Therapy

  • Practitioner Certificate - Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapy

  • Specialised Leadership & Facilitators Training

  • Ortho-Bionomy Phase 6 modules completed

  • Sacred Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork

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